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No Client Job Description
1 Tankcare Solutions To supply & deliver 2 Units of 10,800L AGT
2 Offshore-CPI Supply Sdn Bhd Tapis-R Project - Chemical Injection Skid
3 Erfana Enterprise To supply & deliver 3 units of 7000IG UGT
4 BPC Civil Engineering Sdn Bhd To supply and deliver 4 units of 6000IG UGT
5 Iman Cargo & Freight Services Sdn Bhd General arrangment for 60KL horizontal cylindrical LPG transport tank (3 units)
6 Petronas Dagangan Berhad The EPCC of 6000IG Diesel Skid Tank & It's Associated Piping Works At PDB Subang Aviation Terminal For PDB (KJ/11/432)
7 Ultra Sol Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd Compressed Air Tank & N2 Receiver Tank
8 Petronas Dagangan Berhad The Design, Fabrication, Supply, Testing and Delivery of units of 10 KL LPG Stotrage Tanks to PDB's Storage Tank For Petronas Dagangan Berhad (KJ/12/003)
9 Henx Engineering Sdn Bhd Filters quotation for Carbon steel
10 Site Image Builders Sdn Bhd To supply 8 units of 6000 IG UGT
11 Petrofac E & C Sdn Bhd Filters Vessel for MURPHY
12 Henx Engineering Sdn Bhd Fabricate & Deliver of Strainer / Filter Tank / Discharge Tank for Resak and Tangga Barat Pre com mud drilling cleanning
13 Oilgon Solutions Sdn Bhd 6000IG UGT
14 BPC Civil Engineering Sdn Bhd 18.000L UGT
15 Tankcare Solutions To Fabricate 1 unit 18,000 Itr Underground Storage Tank
16 Warran Technology Sdn Bhd To Fabricate 1 unit 4,000 IG Underground Storage Tank
17 Petrofac E & C Sdn Bhd Engineering, Design and Supply of Modular Living Quarters
18 Petronas Dagangan Berhad The design, fabrication, supply, testing and delivery of three (3) units of 10KL LPG Storage Tanks
19 Site Image Builders Sdn Bhd 16 Units of 6000 IG UGT
20 PBR Engineering Sdn Bhd Dipstick c/w Calibaration Chart -10 FT X 65
21 Alfa Noise Sdn Bhd To supply 1 unit 2600IG & 1 unit 1300IG Aboveground Storage Tank
22 Petronas Dagangan Berhad Repair work of LPG Steel Pallet
23 Kencana Petroleum TSupply & Delivery of Induction Bend Pipe
24 Techfab Engineering Sdn Bhd Rolling Plate
25 Kencana Petroleum upply & Delivery of Induction Bend Pipe